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The Crown of Water
Crystal Crown Water


Unique, multi-stage finishing process.


Cleansing and digestible for the organism.


Crystalline structure of water in its original form.


Round, soft and peaceful in taste.

The first luxury water made in Germany

For Crystal Crown Water, it goes without saying that the highest quality raw material comes from natural sources. A perfectly pure, energetic and living water from mountain springs.

Crystal Crowns Water ist Teilnehmer der Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 12th Global Family Office Investment Summit 2020 in Dubai

Under the High Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum. In Presence of our Strategic Partner His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi
& His Excellency Mr. Adnan Al-Noorani, Chairman of the Board of The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi
26-28 October, 2020

Order water – quick and easy

Orders in the Crystal Crown Water online shop – the finest, German
Luxury water at the best conditions.

Select Bottle

Simply select the desired bottle and filling quantity.

Choose amount

Decide on the number of bottles and the delivery date.

Receive Delivery

Delivery is always free of charge – from the Alpine mountains directly to your door.

Crystal Crown Water

The secret of our success

The aim is to generate the quality of drinking and enjoyment of the water as well as absolute purity, balance and health-promoting well-being and to act in an absolutely transparent manner.

Made in Germany

Premium water from alpine springs, produced and bottled in Germany.

Since 2018

Production of the purest water, which is free from any pollutants.

Limited product

Gentle production process. We forego quantity in favor of quality.

Social commitment

For every bottle sold, donations are made to organizations for the expansion of drinking water.

German luxury water

The purest water in the world

The perfectionism is not only reflected in the perfection of the high-end quality of this unique and unmistakable product, but also in the specially designed crystal-look glass bottle.

Glass instead of plastic

Water free from plasticizers, such as in PET bottles and environmentally friendly packaging.

Noble water

Unique and multi-stage refinement process ensure extraordinary taste.

Free from harmful substances

Thanks to the gentle processing and filling process, it is free of any contamination.

Exclusive Design

The bottle’s elegant design from Italy emphasizes the exclusive lifestyle character in a special way.


High Quality Water

Try the premium water now.
See for yourself!


Crystal Crown Water was founded in August 2018 with the aspect and the premise of designing probably the purest, finest high-end fine water for the international market which is completely free of any kind of pollutants.

André Fritzsch - CEO
André Fritzsch – CEO
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Tel. +49 89 8099 2332
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Adresse: Dresdener Str. 6b, 85386 Erding

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